The Issue of Frank......


One morning, when I came out of the shower, I noticed some dirt next to the potted plant that I had brought in for the season. Next to it was a rock but, it wasn't rock. It turned out to be a tiny toad - not a frog, I guess, not that I would know the difference. I’m a city girl and these scientific classes were well behind me.  

I captured him under a glass and slid it on to a piece of cardboard. I then relocated him outside to my deck. I checked on him every once and awhile.  He had moved slightly, on to a side of a board and then to the main deck, and then to a railing. He always kept his eyes on me, or his eye, because it was on the side of his head and I could only see one eye, anyway, by the third visit outside, I named him Frank. Keep in mind I'm isolated and I could really use a pet and he didn't seem like a lot of work but, I became concerned for his wellbeing, which seemed to overwhelm me.  I could barely take care of myself.  He was a cute little charmer and I wondered - Should I take him in for the winter?  If I sold my house does he stay with the house or does he come with me?  This became way too complicated way too fast which seems to be my nature.  Anyway… he seemed content out there and after about four hours (15 visits) I could no longer find Frank and I became concerned.

That night when I went to sleep, I had a dream that Frank was in the rainforest (do toads go to the rainforest or are those frogs?).  He seemed content there. He obviously knew about the oncoming snow (no matter where he lived with me) and I don't blame him. Still, I missed him. I wondered what kind of food I would feed him if he ever came back. Does he get his own food?  Will he become too dependent on me so that I won't be able to release him into the wild?  Do you see why I don't have a pet?  This has already become more than I can bear. 

Good luck Frank.  Wherever you may be.